Product Liability

In today's economy, most companies mass produce and mass market consumer products. Many of these products are complex and involve hidden dangers that the average person cannot understand or anticipate. Mass media advertising makes all consumer products seem safe and desirable. However, it is no secret that many products have hidden defects that can cause injury or death to unwary consumers because many businesses put profits over people.  Examples of underlying defects found in consumer products include:

  • Drugs that cause serious side effects and even death
  • Children's toys, clothing or furniture containing lead or other toxic substances
  • Power tools with insufficient safeguards and warnings against dangers known to the manufacturer
  • Construction materials that contain toxic substances
  • Motor vehicles containing design flaws or material defects
  • Construction products that cause houses to decay and fall apart

When a person develops a disease or illness or sustains an injury from a defective product, he or she may have no idea why or how the product malfunctioned, or that the product was even dangerous. Only knowledgeable and experienced trial attorneys have the ability to understand the legal duties and obligations that companies who manufacture and sell products owe to their customers. Furthermore, proving the existence of product defects and the causation of injuries frequently requires expert scientific evidence. At Zebersky Payne, LLP, we work with medical, engineering, chemical, electrical, and other types of experts who can investigate and explain the problems with a given product. Based on this expert advice, our attorneys will prepare your case to maximize your recovery and minimize your worry and stress.

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If you suspect that a product you have purchased or used is unreasonably dangerous or defective, and has caused you or a family member injury or illness, you need expert assistance to prove the product’s defect and its relationship to your injury or loss. Zebersky Payne, LLP’s seasoned team of trial attorneys and legal staff members can investigate, prepare and litigate your case or help you reach a satisfactory settlement. Contact us for a free initial appointment to discuss your products liability claim.

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