Pharmaceutical Liability

During the last half of the twentieth century, medical science produced many miracle drugs that saved lives and helped increase our life spans. Today, doctors rely on drugs to cure or alleviate an increasing array of complex illnesses and medical conditions. Yet there have been many missteps along the way. For example, thalidomide, an anti-nausea or "morning sickness" drug, caused birth defects. "Fen-phen," a combination of drugs that promoted weight loss, caused or aggravated heart conditions.

Very few drugs have no side effects. With proper testing and warnings, consumers and their doctors can intelligently weigh the risks and benefits of taking most prescription and over-the-counter medications. But the competitive pressures of the marketplace sometimes push pharmaceutical companies to distribute their products too fast or promote their benefits too exuberantly, without adequately exploring or warning of the side effects. Like manufacturers and sellers of other products, they need to be held accountable for creating these dangers and defects.

The trial attorneys at Zebersky Payne, LLP understand the regulatory process and requirements for developing and producing drugs. Our team knows how to find and prove the link between a dangerous drug and your medical condition.

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If you or your doctor suspects that you have been injured by a drug whose dangers or side effects were not adequately explored or disclosed, you need a team of knowledgeable and experienced trial attorneys who can prove your case. Contact Zebersky Payne, LLP for an initial free appointment to discuss your pharmaceutical liability case.

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