Class Actions

Zebersky Payne, LLP, represents consumers in class action lawsuits in the state of Florida and throughout the country. We handle all types of class action lawsuits, including the following:

  • Insurance claims
  • False advertising
  • Violation of consumer protection laws
  • Defective products
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Cruise ship negligence
  • Food poisoning
  • Civil rights

When corporations, insurance companies, or other types of businesses take actions or make policies that adversely affect a large number of people, we have the resources and skills to file a class action suit to seek justice for those who have been wronged. Even if each individual victim's loss or injury may not be sufficient to constitute a lawsuit on its own, the attorneys of Zebersky Payne understand the power of the class action lawsuit to bring a full cup of justice to our clients. In our justice system, a company that causes small damages to thousands of people should be treated the same as a company or person who causes a catastrophic injury or loss to a single person. By banding together as a class of victims, these individuals can affect change in a corporation’s actions and policies, and ultimately obtain full and fair justice for all.

Our attorneys work in conjunction with other civil litigation attorneys throughout the country in Multi-District Litigation (MDL) to provide relief for Florida residents and individual victims nationwide. This network of related class action lawsuits is designed to achieve a comprehensive and fair remedy for the entire class of persons who have suffered injury due to a company’s wrongful conduct across the United States.

Your Florida Class Action Attorneys

Whether you have suffered an individual loss or are one of many victims wronged by the unfair actions of a corporate giant, our civil litigators have the experience, resources, technology, and knowledge to present your case in the best possible light. We focus all of our efforts on working with you to effectively and efficiently resolve your case in a fair and just manner. Contact Zebersky Payne, LLP today in order to discuss your class action claim with our legal professionals. We offer free, confidential consultations at your convenience.

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