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If you are injured or have suffered a loss as a result of another’s negligent or wrongful conduct, you may not know where to turn. Even if another person or company is responsible for your injuries, you may have difficulty securing compensation for your losses from powerful insurance companies whose policy is to delay and deny your claim. On your own, you will be no match for high-powered lawyers who defend insurance companies and corporations who put profits over people.

The award-winning civil litigation trial attorneys at Zebersky Payne, LLP, along with our talented professional staff members, work closely with clients in a quest for a full cup of justice.  We will help you level the playing field against big insurance companies and corporations so you have a fighting chance when you go up against a well-financed opponent. We can help you achieve these goals because our lawyers are skilled problem solvers who seek out-of-the-box approaches and unique solutions to legal issues to ensure that you obtain the best possible result in the swiftest, most cost-effective means.  Through litigation, mediation, arbitration, settlement or trial, we are committed to securing you all of the compensation to which you are entitled. Our reputation for excellence means that peers, clients and judges respect our expertise.

You Deserve First-Class Representation

Regardless of the severity, extent, or costs of your injury or loss, Zebersky Payne, LLP has the resources to handle your case. We have successfully litigated cases in state and federal courts throughout the state of Florida and other parts of the United States. Our clients, as well as our peers in the legal profession, recognize and appreciate our high ethical standards and professional legal abilities. Zebersky Payne, LLP has built its reputation on these principles, and works hard to provide you with the first-class representation that you deserve.

You Deserve a Fair Resolution of Your Case

When you are fighting an insurance company or big corporation with seemingly unlimited resources, you can become discouraged. Insurance companies and big corporations are not in the business to swiftly or fairly resolve your claim, and instead try to drag things out to encourage you to quit your pursuit of justice. During this stressful time, when you are likely to suffer physical pain, serious injuries, and loss of income, the last thing you need is another barrier to obtaining the compensation that you are owed.  We will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that you are not alone in your pursuit of justice and will do everything we can to protect you from continued suffering.  One of our most important objectives is to have you look back at the end of the day and say that the trial lawyers at Zebersky Payne, LLP helped shepherd you and your family through a very challenging time.

From simple personal injury claims to complex, high profile cases, trust the award-winning lawyers at Zebersky Payne, LLP to pursue a fair and desirable outcome on your behalf. Our attorneys have a proven track record of handling a diverse range of cases and achieving favorable results.  Our trial team will gather evidence and prepare your case with the goal of presenting the best possible case to the judge and jury. 

Contact the seasoned Florida lawyers of Zebersky Payne, LLP today to schedule a free, no-strings-attached consultation with our attorneys, and learn how we can effectively and efficiently resolve your case.

Verdicts & Settlements

ZPLLP Testimonial

I Love ZP

I love ZP because the partners are truly advocates for the people who otherwise would have no voice. They promote a feeling of fairness, equality, and compassion that has a domino effect on all of us who work here with them. We are all true believers in the legal system, and we all believe in each other. It is absolutely a team effort and our resolve to do the right thing is absolute.
– Susan

I Love ZP

I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with the law firm of Zebersky Payne. The entire law firm is dedicated to making our community a better place and to insure that everyone, regardless of their financial status, has the opportunity to have a voice in the justice system. They showed that dedication recently by hosting a Launch Party to raise funds for the programs major fundraiser, the 11th Annual FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD where $70,000 was raised towards the goal of $200,000. Their generosity is only exceeded by their humility. Legal Aid and Coast to Coast are proud to call them, not only supporters, but our friends.
– Kathleen Thomsen
Regional Director of Development • Legal Aid Service of Broward County • Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida

I Love ZP

When you're in a time of need and you need someone to talk and help you through legal matters from business to medical to personal it is comforting to know that Eddie and Todd are there in many ways. Besides making sure everything is taken care of on the legal front, the personal touch and connection is just as important. You will never feel like you are alone with this team by your side. Thank you for helping me in so many ways, the relationship is priceless.

– Alan T. Brown
Director of Public Impact, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

ZPLLP Testimonial

I Love ZP

The partners and lawyers expertise, along with their passion in the justice system is extraordinary. And their ability to help the people that do not have a voice is stellar. We are a team that believes and strives in bringing justice for our clients and will fight for your rights. Being a part of this team brings the best out in me.

– Lazzy